Friday, 1 July 2016

Tip Tops How to maintain or protect Your Phone’s Battery Life and running smoothly? Written by Sachin Seth

Phone Charging
Smartphones are becoming smarter, and we’re so depending on them to do more and more things from surfing the web, watching videos and capturing photos and using calling in daily life. But battery life is the limiting factor and there is nothing more frustrating, especially when you need it most. Now we take some things to look at how to improve battery life. When keep on charging side, screens which can save battery life as you don’t need to keep powering up and turning on the screen to check notifications. Also keep your smartphone switch off when charging your device from 5-15 % battery charged.
Dimming Brightness
Dim the brightness: Your phone has thousands of pixels working all the time, regulating the colours it emits and the brightness of its hues. But most of the power does not go in to deciding the colours themselves – rather it is focused on regulating its brightness.
If you dim the brightness levels, you can help conserve a large chunk of battery life by lowering the power required for the thousands of pixels to work.
Keep Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Turning off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you don’t need.  It continuously searching network signals which can be a draining battery. The same goes for Wi-Fi, which also drains the battery in the background when activated as it constantly searches for new Wi-Fi networks to join. Also turn off your all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and radio networks in night time.
Closing Apps to Improve Battery Life
Switch off application while running in the background: Closing an app is much like closing an everything when not in use, but the apps continues to run in the background waiting for your returning on that apps. The actual amount of consuming power in the background is lowest, but it’s growing rapidly when a more apps have been opened and used in the background.
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Delete apps who's not in use
Find out which apps is zapping your battery and using lot more when is useless.  You can actually see which apps are eating up the most battery on your phone in the ‘Battery Usage’ feature. You’ll see a list of apps which have been eating up the most power over the last day and week. You will quickly be able to decide whether the app is worth or useless.
Turn off Your Mobile Phone
Turn off your smartphone when go to sleep or going on vacation. This is the simplest, most effective option.

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