Tuesday, 29 August 2017

We Are Here For HTC Mobile Screen Repair

HTC phones have a respected market share and have always given tough fight to the competitors in one or the other way. HTC phones are on android platform and high on performance. HTC mobiles are loved by professionals as HTC phones are specially designed for corporate affairs and elegant gentry. HTC phones have long lasting battery back-up which ensures customers that they can still to do their work when they have no charging option around them.

Avail our services to get finest HTC mobile screen repair in Delhi.

HTC phones are known for their elegant technology and HTC’s desire to evolve consistently to increase the satisfaction of the customers. In a HTC of the phone the most important past is its Touchscreen or display and this display is worth 40 percent of the total cost of the phone. But what should customers do if their screen gets damaged due to water, breakage, and software issues.

If customers want to get their HTC mobile screen repair then they can directly walk in to our HTC mobile screen repair outlet which is operating under the name of TougheesTelecom in south Delhi and has expanded its operation to almost every part of Delhi and NCR region. We are famous for effective and quick HTC Mobile Screen Repair as we have every quality which a modern Screen Repair Centre should have. To start with at our HTC Mobile Screen Repair outlet we have experienced staff that has been trained especially for Screen Repair and replacement by the authentic HTC repair Training centre.

 Htc Mobile Screen Repair

Adding to this we have acquired specialized tools and machinery to fix HTC Mobile Screens. We try to get both the folders for HTC phones and individual touch and display for the customers so that they don’t have to pay any extra money for HTC Mobile Screen Repair. Our staff has done a deep study into the whole process of screen repair and replace screen in such a way that it does not come out in short time. We use exclusive glues and tapes to fix the screen so that newly installed folder or screen does not fall off easily. Our HTC Mobile Screen Repair centre has authentic HTC screens of every model of the brand. Leaving all this behind HTC Mobile Screen Repair is necessary as broken HTC screens can cause injury to our customers because broken glass tends to cause injury due to sharp edges.

At our HTC Mobile Screen Repair centre we provide our customers with best solutions and special on the spot HTC Screen Repair Service for corporate clients. This service is especially for corporate clients because we know they have extremely less time to take out for repairing activities and parting from their phone even for a minute can cost them heavily as their calls are so important. Goal of our HTC mobile screen repair centre in Delhi is to make customers happy by delivering to them outstanding screen repair and replacement services.


We are the leading HTC Mobile Screen Repair hub in Delhi and our quality services at pocket-friendly rates make us the most effective and relatively better repair centre than rest of the many in the area, for us our main earning is the smiles of our satisfied customers. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

We are here to take care of your iPhone

We are here to talk about the king of the smartphones. Yes you guessed it right its Apple’s Phones that are fondly termed as the king of smartphones. Apple’s vision to create a smartphone that has the capability to do multi-tasking without hanging was marvelous. IPhones are the most secure phones and cannot be hacked easily. Customers are sure that there personal information stored in the Phone is going nowhere. IPhones are free from viruses as they have no memory card slot and no Bluetooth which makes it difficult for spam files to get transported into the phone. IPhones have increasingly become the status symbol all because of their global appeal and worldwide presence. IPhones are generally smartphones with high performance and this leads to their increased demand in the market. Like every good thing has negatives iPhones to have their share.

Get to know the best service centre for iPhone repair in Delhi.

 iPhone Service Center

 It is a tough time for customers whose iPhone gets damaged as they are always not able to find the suitable place or their iPhone repair. Most of the times to iPhone repair centre they visit charging them out of proportion for even petty repairing issues. But now customers don’t need to worry as Toughees Telecom is here to provide the best iPhone repair in Delhi and that also at halve the charges and 100 percent success rate. During iPhone repair in Delhi we use modern technology and tools to fix the problems because we know that our efficiency will bring smile to our customer’s face. During our Iphone Repair In Delhi we always keep in mind that we have to finish a work as early as possible because we know the importance of customer’s time.  Our iPhone repair in Delhi is famous because, we are no specialist in particular model of iPhone but all, and with equal effectiveness.  Other important advantage of our iPhone repair in Delhi is that we use genuine iPhone spare parts and not duplicate ones because Apple iPhones are not compatible with duplicate spare parts and get damaged over the time, bringing more loses to the customers on regular basis.

We always recommend our customers to talk to our customers who have availed our services in the past and get an idea about our area of expertise. iPhone repair in Delhi involves fixing of issues like fault in the connectors of the phone, problem in the sound and charging point of the phone, fault in the motherboard of the phone, fixing the problems of touch and display screen and repair, problems involving the malfunction of the speakers of the phone, involving malfunction in the home and side buttons of the phone, etc.  Our iPhone repair in Delhi is regarded the best because we provide our corporate clients with on the spot repairing solutions which in turn saves their time and earn goodwill towards us.  Be it iPhone 6, 7, 4, or 5 you can bring them all to our centre and get fantastic iPhone repair in Delhi.


Unique iPhone repair in Delhi has been made a reality by us because we understand the pain they suffer from if their iPhone gets damaged and for them we are here to provide them with excellent phone repairing services and make them cheerful again.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Elegant corporate mobile repairing services

Delhi is a metro city and capital of India. The city is highly developed with all modern amenities. Delhi has been a hub for industrial and service sector for a considerable amount of time. Now a question comes what makes business so successful in Delhi. All the major businesses depend on connectivity and connectivity in current age is only possible through SmartPhones. Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad around Delhi are the major centers for the service sectors and world leading MNC’s have made their bases in these cities. These MNC’s have thousands of employees who can only work if there is valid team work amongst them, and team work is only possible if they communicate efficiently amongst themselves.

Corporate mobile repairing service decoded

In Today’s world communication is synonymous to telephonic calls and social networking which becomes more viable because of the smartphones. What if these smartphones or the model of communication gets damaged? In this case you need to approach to an authentic Corporate Mobile Repairing Service Centre in Delhi who is all-rounder in providing every kind of repairing services to its corporate customers. Corporate customers contact us because we are a corporate mobile repairing service centre that has a dedicated branch that only deal with corporate clients based in Gurgaon, NOIDA, Delhi, and Faridabad. Our corporate mobile repairing service center has a clientele of all the major MNC’s like Google, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, and lot more. Our corporate services are vast as we give our best to save the important time of corporate people as we know their productivity levels.

Our customers will be glad to know that we as a Corporate Mobile Repairing Service centre provide on the spot repairing solutions for our corporate clients. For this service we have a separated team trained at repairing techniques which employ minimum time and money and provide tremendous results for the corporate customers.

 corporate mobile repairing service

our Corporate Mobile Repairing team provide solutions for problems like fault in charging of the phone, fault in the speakers of the phone, fault in the motherboard of the phone, fault in the connectors of the phone, fault in the side buttons of the phone, fault in the home button of the phone, fault in the memory card slot of the phone, problem in the SIM card slot, fault or damage of the Touchscreen, Fault in the camera of the phone, and fault in the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of the phone.

We never believe on disappointing the customers by charging high prices from them we charge only according to the problem and not according to the spending ability of the customers. Our Corporate Mobile Repairing Services are best because we always get positive feedbacks from our customers. We as an exclusive corporate mobile repairing centre provide sufficient concessions for our regular corporate customers and always give them tip to enhance the life of their phones and amplify their utility. Our services are abundant with premium quality because we know that corporate customers cannot compromise with quality.


Corporate Mobile Repairing Services have been completely redefined by us because we use novel techniques to solve the repairing problems of our customers with great concern. For us our customer’s satisfaction is equal to profit and we long only for that. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Don’t go anywhere as the most fantastic Mobile Repair Service Centre in South Delhi is here.

SmartPhones now has become one of the most important organs of the human being from the last decade or so. The main reason behind this is the over dependency on the SmartPhones for various daily routine works. Smartphones has made life easier by providing instant solution for every problem for example you can order food, book tickets, pay your bills, do your banking, book appointments, and a lot more just with the help of your SmartPhone. It is not a new thing that people feel handicapped when they are parted with their smartphones.

Your search comes to an end with our Mobile repair service centre in south Delhi

An individual gets parted from his smartphone because of three reasons, firstly if the individual lost his phone somewhere, secondly if the customer’s smartphone is lost by theft, and thirdly if the phone is damaged.

 We the Toughees Telecom cannot help you in first two cases but can definitely help you in the last case which is mobile repair as we are the leading Mobile Repair Service Centre In South Delhi. Our mobile repair service centre in south delhi is quite famous amongst the customer in Delhi as we provide them with excellent services like use of genuine spare parts in mobile repair, pocket friendly charges, permanent work, and all type of repair in minimum time.

 Mobile repair‎ service center in south Delhi

 Additional to these services our Mobile Repair Service Centre In South Delhi also provides on the spot repairing solutions for our corporate customers because for them taking out time for repair is next to impossible as their time is equal to money. In case smartphone of the corporate customer is damaged he can call to our mobile repair service centre in south Delhi and we will send our expert team to them, which will solve their problem at the preferred place of the corporate customer without any extra charge. Smartphones these days face many problems like heating of the phone, problem in the motherboard of the phone, problem in the connector of the phone, problem in the side buttons of the phone, problems like damage of the screen or any other hardware, problem in the SIM jack, problems in the memory card slot, problem in the connectors, problem in the software of the phone, problem in the charging jack, problem in the speakers of the phone, problem in the earphones or charger, and last but not the least  problem in the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi of the phone.

 Our Mobile Repair Service Centre In South Delhi gives solutions for all these problems. Completion in the market has resulted in mushrooming of thousands of mobile repair service centre in south Delhi, but they provide extremely average services to customer which does not solve their problem instead disappoint them. Talking about our Mobile repair service centre in south Delhi we thrive on number of customers who get satisfied through our services. Many customers who have availed our service in the past always recommend our mobile repair service centre in south Delhi to their family and friends.


Our Mobile Repair Service Centre In South Delhi is the destination for stressed customers who want to get their phone repaired at low cost. Though we are based in south Delhi area but our reach extends to all over Delhi and NCR region as we are the brand that Builds trust and not money. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The qwerty style is back with a bang and its called BlackBerry KEYone which is priced in India for Rs. 38,990

KEYone is the last smartphone designed in-house by BlackBerry.  It’s been launched at MWC 2017. The Indian model is launched with exclusive features and that’s why it’s called limited edition. It’s on 4 GB Ram/ 64 GB Rom, its dual sim Android 7.1.1 nougat / octa core QUALCOMM snap dragon. Front camera is 8 Megapixel and Rear camera is 12 megapixel. supports 4G VoLTE, 3505mAh non-removable battery first time with FM radio. Powered by dtek security. plenty of more features the blackberry can offer to you.

 BlackBerry KEYOne

BlackBerry KEYOne gives combination of touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard. It also features a fingerprint scanner that is embedded into the space bar of the physical keyboard in front. The ‘smart’ keyboard comes with a range of features such as next-word prediction and contextual auto-correction. Customisation of keys for shortcut to launch apps is there

it has also comes with USB Type-C and Fingerprint Scanner. Apart from that, it has Wi-Fi ac/b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.2, and single-SIM 4G LTE.  Additional features on the BlackBerry Keyone include a fingerprint scanner and stereo speakers for enhanced security and immersive multimedia experience.