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Generally most common problem faced by mobile phone users and smartphone users

When your favorite smartphones or electronic gadgets break or malfunction, it can be cold comfort to learn that they are probably being affected by a very common issue. But that is actually good news! If it is a common issue that means an experienced repair shop like Cell "Mobile, Smartphone Repair" can generally fix it fast and affordably. Now we are compiling to solve your problems or giving some of the best tips, tricks and advice we have gathered over the years about these common issues that affect electronic gadgets. Whether your device has a cracked screen, water damage, overheating, charging or sound problems, or another issue altogether, let our professional expertise save you from a few sleepless nights and make your phone just like a new.
Smartphone is dead: If the handset is not switching on, it is considered as a dead phone.
Smartphone Freezing: If the handset freezes, hangs or gets stuck off frequently that problem due to virus or a corrupt software.
Booting Problems: When switching on the phone gets stuck on the logo of the manufacturer or starts blinking on the logo screen.
No outgoing and incoming sound: This is because of a faulty microphone and faulty speaker and also by connections
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No network signal: The handset doesn’t catch the signals from network.
Call gets cut off: The calls get cut off in middle. This may be because of poor network coverage or a faulty handset.
SIM detection failure: The handset doesn’t detect SIM card and shows the message ‘insert SIM’ or a related error.
Damaged Screen/ broken LCD: The LCD either doesn’t show any graphics by any cause of "water damage or it is broken".
Switches off automatically or restart: The cell phone switches off automatically or restarts frequently without pressing the power button.
Fast draining battery: This may cause by faulty battery or problems having in the circuit. It also occur due to use by over the limit or more applications installed.
Charging Problem: If device shows no charging or very slow charging.
Touch Problem: If the device touch system is hanging or touch system is working very slow.
Bluetooth Problem: Bluetooth doesn't work.
Camera Problem: Camera doesn't work.
No Wifi or No Internet: Not availability of network or wifi does not functioning.
Mobile Tower Signal: Tracking Locations problem or are you having networking problems? Has it started to lose signal or is it loosing connection in the middle of a call?
Cracked Glass Replacement & Repair: Cracked glass or any other damaged on screen of your cell phone unlike many other repair issues that may be involving software malfunction
Home Button Replacement & Repair: If your smartphone home button is not working problems or its having other issues on your cell phone only to find out that you are on
Power Button Replacement & Repair: Power Button issues that may occur problems to using your smartphone, if you are having trouble turning your phone on and off, it could be one of many.
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Water Damaged Phone Repair: Cell Phone got Water Damage this can cause crucial problems with the delicate internal circuitry in your phone.
USB Port Replacement & Repair: USB Port Problems Is your USB cord not charging, disconnecting to transferring files from pc to your phones or refusing to sync.
Speaker Replacement & Repair: Speaker Problems Are you having issues with the speaker on your cell phone? It may cause to disrupting in incoming or outgoing calls.
Memory Card Replacement & Repair: Memory Card Repair Problems If you are having trouble with the memory card in your device, we can help you.
Smartphone Touch Replacement & RepairIf your phone touch is not working smoothly or getting stuck on using, it need to repair or opted for replacement.
Headphone Jack Replacement & Repair: If the sound from your computer or mobile device is hissing, crackling, or fading.
Screen Replacement & Repair: Cell Phone Screen Problems With the growing popularity of touchscreens, cell phone screen problems have become more common.
Data Recovery: Data Recovery for Damaged Cell Phones If your phone is not functioning because of damage or other issues.
Data Transfer: There are several reasons that you might need cell phone data transfer services.
Battery Replacement & Repair: Cell Phone Battery Problems, your smartphone going to hitting more & more while your phone on charging or your phone battery becoming Inflorescencing.
Cell Phone Camera Replacement & Repair: Smartphone camera is not capturing clear picture or photos lacking contrast, giving blurry images and backlight on images, few people carry a camera as a separate device today.
Charging Port Replacement & Repair: Charging Port Problems Charging ports are easy to damage. Constant connecting and removal of the connector cord can be hard.

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